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  when i first went looking for a codebase to use for my own wiki and blog setup, i didn't have any CGI space available to me. hence, i had to use something which made use of the tools i have available to me, namely PHP.

the design goals of fromage are simplicity, power, and elegance. simplicity is achieved through a flexible framework, allowing you to use it as soon as possible. power comes from linking together your posts in the blog and the wiki, syndicating your ideas to the world, and a rich, expressive markup language. the elegance is certainly not under the hood, but the clean design of the resulting pages is worth it.

key fromage features:

  • doesn't run as a CGI, runs as a PHP program
  • doesn't use system() or exec()
  • no database required, all entries are flat files
  • syndicate in RSS 2.0
  • syndicate in Atom 0.3
  • configurable options
  • simple installation: just unpack, edit your options, and you're running
  • searchable posts
key blog features:
  • archived posts
  • easy to use content generation language (similar to a Wiki)
  • comments and trackback pings via haloscan

my main development platform is OpenBSD and PHP 4.3.